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Welcome to the SMFM Podcast Series!

The SMFM Podcast Series launched in February 2018 to highlight a range of topics that touch MFM. From congenital heart disease to mental illness, 3D ultrasound, preventing burnout and more, new episodes are released monthly. This series is available through iTunes and Google Play as well as this website. Subscribe to the SMFM Podcast Series on your mobile device today! If you would like to submit a topic for consideration, leave a comment, or are interested in being a guest on our podcast series, please contact educationdept@smfm.org.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed on the podcast or Fellow Lecture series are the speakers’ own and do not represent the views, thoughts, and opinions of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine. The material and information presented here are for general information purposes only. The "SMFM" name and all forms and abbreviations are the property of its owner, and their use does not imply endorsement of or opposition to any specific organization, product, or service.


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