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Getting Started

SMFM is growing online education offerings every month. Here are four quick things you can do to get the most out of this website.

Set Your Profile

To get started, take a moment to tell us what you are interested in. Click on Profile from the aqua box on the right and rate your interest in the available list of categories. This simple step helps us recommend products in your areas of interest.

Finding Courses

You can easily search for specific courses, webinars, and podcasts from the Search for Content box. Your search can be from:

  • All Categories - Choose your topics of interest from the drop down menu
  • All Types - Keep this as is or choose from on-demand or live webinars and courses, podcasts, and SMFM Resource Library materials 
  • All Content Types - Choose from files or products
  • Keywords - Type in a word and see what offerings SMFM has available

Once you have made your selections, click the box heading again to close the list and click Find to start the search. 

Check Your Progress & Get Your CME

Click on My Dashboard in the menu bar to: 

  • Access courses you have started, but not yet completed
  • See the courses you have completed  
  • Access course completion certificates or CME (as applicable) 

SMFM is continuing to develop online learning products that will qualify for CME credits.

Share Your Feedback

A satisfaction survey is now available for each online learning product. Please take a moment to share your feedback, so we can continue to provide high-quality educational offerings.